Dunedin, Fla. (BlueJays)

Baseball is back everybody, apply that sunscreen. Old-timers will dance around the miniature stadiums, as their grandkids find different ways to spend their birthday money. Now, lets take a trip to the spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin,Fla. Canadiens are not a country known for great baseball. That being said, the Toronto Blue Jays need all the spring training they can get. Dunedin, is located on the beautiful gulf side of Florida. The water is blue, the weather is warm and the possibilities are endless. Already being a tourist attraction, Dunedin, has a wide arrangement of state parks, which range from swamps to beaches. After playing with alligators and getting tan at the beach, visitors can enjoy the different night clubs and bars. Its been said, that many athletes have been spotted partying on Main Street,  in downtown Dunedin. The beaches, the nightclubs, the swamps, how could it get any better? I can tell you- Honeymoon Island. Honeymoon Island is a small island and Florida state park. It is know for its beautiful beachfront cottages and for attracting professional athletes. Lets play ball.

Samuel Limata

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