Baltimore Orioles Outlook


The Orioles are hot on a comeback trail. Last season, they tied for third with their rivals, the Yankees, in the AL East. Star first baseman Chris Davis set an MLB record for RBIs with 16 in just the first four games last season.

Pitcher Dylan Bundy is looking like the key player for the Orioles this season. Unfortunately, Bundy is recovering from Tommy John surgery and will not be available to the Orioles until mid June, almost halfway into the season. The Orioles are not losing hope yet. Spring training starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen took the team to victory against the Yankees on Tuesday night, making the Orioles feel a bit more comfortable starting the season without Bundy.

Since 2012, the plan for the Orioles has just been to be optimistic. Coming from a 14-year losing streak, there is not much more to do. So far the plan has brought the Orioles up the ladder and they aren’t changing it for this season. The team may be missing some key players but its spirits are still just as high.

~Madeleine Faircloth

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