Chicago White Sox Outlook

Ask most White Sox writers and fans what the outlook for the upcoming season looks like, and you’ll probably get the same answer — not good. Most believe that the White Sox will finish in the cellar of the AL Central again this season, but there is some hope to be had. Realistically, for the White Sox to finish fourth again, the team would have to have some pretty overwhelming bad luck.

First basemen Jose Abreu and pitcher Chris Sale, who have recently signed contracts with the team, would have to be season-long let downs, and the team would probably have to lose some pitchers to injuries to mirror the results of last season. But the chance of all three of these factors not panning out is pretty unlikely. If anything, Abreu should be worth his big contract by making an immediate impact this season to emerge as one of the more productive first basemen in the AL. Aside from Abreu, Chicago has a decent number of other prospects who are showing signs of potential during spring training.

The White Sox, who shipped young closer Addison Reed last season, have found two decent options in Nate Jones and Matt Lindstrom to fill Reed’s gap as the team’s closer. However, both players have had some injury concerns. Jones missed a few days with a left glute strain, but is now back to work. Lindstrom, though, is currently held up with an oblique strain with no real timetable for return yet.

Gavin Lindahl

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