New York Mets Outlook

Last season, the New York Mets didn’t do very well, with a season record of 74-88.  They finished third in the National League East Division.  But on May 30, they beat the New York Yankees for the first time in a really long time.

Curtis GrandersonRich Lee photo

Curtis Granderson (Rich Lee photo)

Curtis Granderson, a left-handed power hitter and outfielder who played for the New York Yankees just last season, has been signed over to play for the Mets this 2014 season.  As of this past December, he has a $60 million four-year contract with the Mets.  He only played 66 games last season for the Yankees due to a broken knuckle and fractured forearm, and batted just .229. But with his injuries healing, there are high hopes for this new Mets player.
Another player acquired for this coming season is Bartolo Colon, a 40-year-old former Oakland A’s pitcher. With a 2.65 ERA, he stands out among the other pitchers in the Major Leagues.  He only has signed for two years for the Mets for $20 million, but he is still thought to be a good grab for the team. The Mets believe that he will be their new ace until Matt Harvey returns to the field.

Many critics are saying that not much will change from the end of last season to the end of this coming season.  But, with these new transactions, it could turn out better than expected.

                                                                       -Mackenzie Linehan

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