San Diego Padres Outlook

Although the San Diego Padres didn’t play well last season, their attitude is positive for this season.

With their newest pickup Josh Johnson, an ace pitcher in the past, they believe their pitching staff has improved. Bud Black, manager for the Padres, expressed this feeling to the Padres media staff.

“Knew we needed to bolster starting pitching. Priority no. 1 was to get a starting pitcher. Did that in Josh Johnson.” Bud Black and the Padres believe Johnson is their last piece to the puzzle of success. Raimundo Ortiz, writer for, projected for the Padres to be the surprise team this year. “They have the tools to be this year’s shocker playoff team.” Ortiz predicted confidently.

The Padres still have their three sluggers in Jedd Gyorko, Carlos Quentin and Chase Headley. If those three are healthy this year, San Diego will be successful, especially now they improved their pitching with Johnson.

There is a positive outlook for this season due the padres acquiring Johnson, keeping their best hitters and having the confidence from outside perspective.  Bud Black said this quote to the Padres media staff, which summed up the attitude for this year. “There’s a really quiet confidence going on. They know the expectation. We expect to play well, to compete.”

                                                                                                                       – Zack Buckwald

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