New York Yankees seem to adopt several new players

Something interesting that happened with the New York Yankees  team since spring training opened is the  introduction of  several new players to the Yankees culture. “Yangervis Solarte, Adonis Garcia, Dellin Betances, Francisco Cervelli, Masahiro Tanaka are all new players taken in by the Yankees. Masahiro Tanaka  is looking like a veteran pitcher readying for a season , encouraging  Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Brian Roberts and Alfonso Soriano veteran position players  to  do the same” Image (New York Post Charles Wenzelberg’s photo)

At the moment, the Yankees have lost no one to injury. They actually are getting positive feedback,  which is a must needed ,desired response when the team has  so many older bodies, so many returning from serious injury, and so much frontline talent, but a worrisome second line for defense.

-Tristan K

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