A great day for the Irish, but not for ‘Pats’


USA Today photo

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, but one won’t find too many “Patricks” or “Pats” playing in the big leagues.

A quick review of MLB rosters and staffs showed just a few individuals with the name of the man whose holiday is today:

  • Patrick Corbin, a starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, went 14-8 with a 3.41 ERA last year, which was the second season into his professional career.
  • Pitcher Patrick Schuster is off to a good start with the San Diego Padres. In his first year in the majors, Schuster has an earned run average of 1.50 this spring training season.
  • On the New York Yankees, Patrick Michael Venditte Jr. is an ambidextrous pitcher capable of pitching proficiently with both arms.
  • Patrick George Hentgen, a former Cy Young award winner, is the Toronto Blue Jays bullpen coach.
  • Pat Listach, third-base coach for the Astros, entered the 2012 season with 12 years experience as a coach or manager since his first coaching job with the Cubs in 2000.
  • Patrick Fields is an account executive with the Baltimore Orioles. He goes by the name of Pat and studied at Towson University, located right in Baltimore.
  • Patricia Heagy is the ticket system support coordinator for the Oakland Athletics.

Know of any others? Email us at coveringthebases14@gmail.com or just reply to this post.

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