Everth Cabrera’s return

March 1st was the first time Everth Cabrera had played since his suspension in 2013 for using performance-enhancing drugs.  Although his crime was frowned upon, his teammates are ready to move and welcome him back to the Padres family.

“At least for me, it’s in the past,” Padres third basemen Chase Headley said according to espn.com. Headley told ESPN that he recognized Cabrera is an important factor for the team’s future success.

“He’s a big part of our team and we need him playing well for us to be successful.”

Headley wasn’t the only player who is ready to accept and forgive Cabrera.  Yasmani Grandal expressed to ESPN that he is supporting Cabrera through his struggle.


Sports Illustrated Photo

“He’s the one guy I’ve been texting this offseason, just to get his mind right. He’s in a good spot and I know how hard it is to come off a suspension and start playing.”

The support from Grandal and Headley has made the process of redemption more comfortable and easier for the former all-star.  If Cabrera plays well this season, he will not only win back his team, but the city of San Diego.

Zack Buckwald 

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