Happy Belated Birthday Chris Davis!

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The Orioles celebrated Chris Davis’s birthday yesterday. The now 28 year-old is the current star player for the Orioles. Although he has only been on the team since the 2012 season, he has certainly left his mark. With breaking a MLB record for RBI’s in the first four games, and bringing in a grand slam in the fourth game, he is one player for the history books.

Chris Davis also led the team in playing their 114th errorless game of the season last season, setting yet another MLB record. Davis finished that same season with 53 home runs total, which is more than any other Oriole player ever before him.

Spring training 2014 just reinforced Davis’s consistent results by hitting a solo homer in one of the first preseason games. In an interview with MLB, Davis talked about just trying to stick to the same routine he had last year while making sure he keeps up with his health, hoping it will replicate his accomplishments from the 2013 season.

Chris Davis may have played the vital role in the Orioles comeback, let’s just hope that success continues.

~Madeleine Faircloth

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