Orioles too hopeful with recoveries?

Bleacher Report Photo

Bleacher Report photo

The Orioles are having more than their fair share of injuries this season. There are more than three players out on recovery and not expected back until June at the earliest. The Orioles are still trying to look on the bright side as always.

According to the Bleacher Report, third baseman Manny Machado is recovering from knee surgery after tearing a ligament in his left knee. He is on schedule with recovery, but it is unknown if the 21-year old will be ready for opening day. He is currently only running at 70%-80%. The Orioles still are not pushing his recovery, but are getting more nervous as the days pass by.

Johan Santana is not a returning Orioles player but a returning major league pitcher who was recently signed on to the Orioles with a one year $3 million minor-league contract according to ESPN. Downside? He too may be out until June from Tommy John surgery on his left shoulder, but is thought to be a valued player.

Current lead pitcher Dylan Bundy is also recovering from Tommy John surgery, but is ahead in recovery than the others. Rotoworld reported that his scheduled return to the flat mound is tomorrow, March 19. The Orioles expect to have Bundy fully back and ready to play sometime during the first half. As with all surgeries, though, it takes a little longer to be back on track mentally than it does physically.

With all these players out on injuries, you wonder if the Orioles are being a little too optimistic this season.

~Madeleine Faircloth

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