Power outage brings Phillies game to a halt

The Philadelphia Phillies’ spring training began with a rocky start. Neither the weather nor the technology were on the Phillies’ side for their first game against the Yankees, according to Paul Hagen from mlb.com. A new expanded instant replay system was added in Bright House Field. The system’s reliability was tested at the game and didn’t quite give the performance everyone was hoping for. After an hour-and-half delay due to a storm, John Mayberry was up to bat for Philadelphia in the bottom of the seventh inning. He got a hit and tried for a triple. Yankees’ shortstop Yangervis Solarte threw to his third baseman making the play very close. The umpire called Mayberry out at third. According to Hagen, the Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg went onto the field immediately to challenge the call. At the same moment this play was challenged, a power surge struck the television screen used for replays. The lights in the stadium flickered on and off, and there was no recollection of Mayberry sliding into third base. The Phillies’ frustration came to a head when the call went as the umpire said because there was no proof to say otherwise. “The Phillies plan to use the same system when the season starts” said Hagen. But, there will be a back-up plan to avoid something like that happening again. The coaches and umpires will have phones/walkie-talkies to communicate as well. In the regular season, all replays are viewed by the MLB. Therefore, the will be no confusion on the field like they experienced at this game.

Laura Camera

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