Happy birthday Corey Hart and Lucas Luetge!

Mariners’ players Corey Hart and Lucas Luetge celebrate their birthdays today, March 24th. Hart, outfielder and first baseman, turns 32 today while Luetge, pitcher, celebrates his 27th birthday.

Hart previously played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 2004-2013. This year he has struggle with arm soreness during Spring Training. Hart hasn’t played since Thursday because of what McClendon characterized as “a little stiffness in his forearm,” and he isn’t expected to play again until Tuesday, according to thenewstribune.com. Hart also missed the 2013 season after having surgery on his knees. McClendon said that the goal is to keep him in good physical shape so that he doesn’t have to miss out even more in the furture.

Luetge has been playing with the Mariners since 2011. He had a successful game against the Oakland A’s, helping lead to a 6-4 comeback win by striking out two batters, according to lookoutlanding.com.

Hopefully Hart’s health with continue to improve and Luetge’s pitching success will continue as well! Happy birthday to them both.

Laura Meyers

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