Jeter debuts and the Indians come out on top


On May 29,1995, the Major Leagues would see the debut of arguably one of the greatest shortstops of all time, Derek Jeter. Although this day is more important now than it was then, why don’t we see what else happened on that day. Specifically, with the Cleveland Indians.

The team that year included big names like Manny Ramierez, Jim Thome, Dave Winfield, Omar Visquel, and Tony Pena ( now the bench coach for the Yankees).The Indians won against the Chicago Whitsox 7-6 with the help of, now Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield and his 3-run home run. Tony Pena, the Yankees bench coach, who has seen Jeter get hit after hit, got 3 hits of his own that day with an RBI. Manny Ramierez played that day, fortunately, he didn’t try and cut a throw off in the outfield with a diving catch. Omar Visquel, a near Mr.3000, played shortstop on the May evening , but only went 1-5 on the day.

Daniel Cowan

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