Inter-squad Competition

As any baseball fan knows, the starting pitcher cannot always do it all himself. While Julio Teheran will open the 2014 season for the Atlanta Braves, the last spot in the rotation is still empty.

According to Braves reporter Mark Bowman, Gus Schlosser and David Hale both look good and will be provided equal opportunity to make their way into the rotation.

“Whichever of the two doesn’t gain a rotation spot will be placed in the bullpen,” says Bowman.

Hale’s advantage comes with the two starts he made for Atlanta last September. He has not stopped there, though. He has maintained a 6.62 ERA in his five starts during spring training.

On the other hand, Schlosser’s 2.03 ERA in 13 1/3 innings has caught the attention of many Braves fans this spring.

As of now, the competition is between the two right-handers, but who knows what could happen; baseball is just getting started.

Caitlin McClare

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