Jeter Breaks in, Cincinnati Reds Get a Day Off

Premier Auctions Online photo

Premier Auctions Online photo

May 29, 1995 was a big day for baseball history, but not a big day in Cincinnati Red history.

The Cincinnati Reds did not have a game on Monday, May 29, 1995.

Hal Morris, starting first basemen for the Cincinnati Reds on May 29, 1995, was known for his unusual hitting technique. Morris never settled his feet while the pitcher was delivering the pitch. He did not get the opportunity to show off his technique on the day that Derek Jeter broke into the Major League because the Reds did not play. His unsettled feet would have to wait for the next day, May 30, 1995, in Pittsburg.

Shortstop Barry Larkin was elected the 1995 National League Most Valuable Player. This pivotal player for the Reds was not only apart of the team when they won the World Series in 1990, but he was also inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame years later.

J. J. Hoover, pitcher for the current Cincinnati Reds, was eight-years-old during Jeter’s debut game in 1995.

In Ohio, on May 29, 1995, there was a high temperature of 78.1 degrees. With this high of a temperature, it is beneficial that the Reds did not have a home game and that their games were in Pittsburg.


Riley Eike

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