Jeter debuts, Athletics’s drop a game to his rival

Fun fact about May 29, 1995: the Oakland A’s starting lineup featured three of Derek Jeter’s World Series winning teammates. Oh, not to mention this also happened to be day that the Yankees all-time hits leader and fan favorite, Jeter, made his major league debut. Out was the playoff-less Don Mattingly era and in was the Jeter era which saw the Yankees go on to win five World Series up to date.

To put the time frame in perspective, this was the last year Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa managed the A’s before moving to St. Louis to do the same for 15 years. Or how about this, it was one year after the Bills made their last of four Super Bowl trips, only to lose each of them. Maybe this one will do it justice, Michael Jordan returned to basketball after trying to make a career out of the sport Jeter is synonymous with.

Hard to think all of this was 19 years ago isn’t it?

During this time the MLB’s leader in steals all-time, Rickey Henderson, was featured in the starting lineup during his third stint with the A’s. This day for the A’s wasn’t anything to brag about and probably left Jeter not too happy, when the A’s dropped a game to the Red Sox 9-6.   It’s hard to think a team that featured three of Jeter’s World Series teammates, a legendary manager, and perhaps the greatest lead off man of all-time finished the season a sorrowful 67-77.

-Matt Gazzola

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