Derek Jeter’s last hurrah

Major League Baseball is losing one of the best players to ever play the game this season in Derek Jeter.  Jeter, who is set to begin his 19th season in pinstripes, announced this offseason that this would indeed be his final year in baseball.  During his time, the New York Yankees have won five World Series Championships.  He is looked at as one of the best shortstops of all-time, and arguably one of, if not, the best Yankee of all-time.  Derek Jeter’s first game came on May 29th, 1995 which seems like forever ago.  This was before the steroid age started in baseball, and before Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s home run record.  This was also right around when the Yankees started to dominate baseball.  From 1996-2000, the New York Yankees won four World Series Championships.  Along with being a huge contributor to those rings, Jeter is probably most respected because of his clean image.  Playing in an era where steroids was dragging the sport down with all of the athletes who used it, Jeter was never involved with biogenesis or HGH.  He was a clean player that was respected by all, yes even Red Sox fans!

As for the Chicago Cubs, things were a little bit different back in 1995.  For one thing, Chicago didn’t and still doesn’t come anywhere close to the success level that the Yankees have had.  The Cubs in 1995, just like today, were searching for their first World Series title since 1908.  The curse of the billy goat was in full force, but thankfully Steve Bartman didn’t happen yet….  The Cubs finished the 1995 MLB season with a record of 73-71 which was good for a third place finish in the NL Central.  Two very familiar players who played for the Cubs during this season were Sammy Sosa and Luis Gonzalez.  On May 29th, 1995 the Cubs were playing a home game at Wrigley Field against the Atlanta Braves and they lost by a score of 2-1.

— Nick Konotopskyj  

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