Remebering Jeter’s Debut with the Marlins

When Derek Jeter made his debut as a Yankee on May 29th, 1995, no one could have predicted how extraordinary he would become. He probably never thought that the same team that he took the field with for the first time would be the same team that he would end his baseball career with. In honor of Jeter, we decided to check out what the Marlins were up to when he was debuting. Image

On May 29th 1995, the then Florida Marlins were winning their game against the Houston Astros at Joe Robbie Stadium. Joe Robbie would later be called Sun-Life Stadium. The Marlins won their game 9-7, and that season, they finished fourth in their division.

Let’s hope that this year, the Miami Marlins can do that well, if not better! 

As for Mr. Jeter, it has been an honor to watch you play. With a legendary career and an enormous fan base, this years’ farewell will be a sad and difficult one. We salute you Derek, and you will be truly missed on the field. Congratulations on an amazing career. Image

 -Sam Arena 

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