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St. Bonaventure Graduate John was a key member of my staff who supervised the outside services staff in my absence. John was the person responsible for coordinating, communicating, and managing our Monday golf outings during which he met with the outing coordinator to review and process all details pertaining to the various outside golf outings, a key element in Roxiticus Golf Club operations. John successfully coordinated all aspect of staff responsibilities during the outing. John supervised the outside services staff on a daily basis during the peak times of a very busy season. Internship supervisor name Matthew Kupka Title Director of Outside Services Company/organization Roxiticus Golf Club Address Bliss Road PO Box 278 Mendham, NJ 07945



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Fort Myers, Florida (Red Sox)

JetBlue Park located in Fort Myers, Fla., was opened Feb. 25, 2012. JetBlue Park was designed to share many similar characteristics as Fenway Park. Some $78 million dollars later, JetBlue Park is equipped with a mock “Green Monster” in left field along with a manual scoreboard. The Red Sox will take the field on Feb. 27, with much anticipation! Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Fort Myers is known as a major tourist destination in Florida. The Boston boys are thrilled to take on 68 degree weather and prepare to defend their world champion title.  Just six miles from the ballpark is the Bell Tower Shops which includes plenty of shopping along with dozens of restaurants where you can find players on their off days.

John Bender 

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John Bender

John Bender is a senior at St. Bonaventure University. John is studying Journalism with a minor in marketing. John Bender was born and raised in central New Jersey and plans on returning to New Jersey after he finishes up school at Bona’s.

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