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Will They Survive When their President Can’t?

If you haven’t heard already, Marlins President, David Samson, was the first contestant voted off Survivor: Cagayan. Luckily, for the Marlins, this blind-side and poor show of survival skills did not get passed on to the team.

Samantha Arena

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Remebering Jeter’s Debut with the Marlins

When Derek Jeter made his debut as a Yankee on May 29th, 1995, no one could have predicted how extraordinary he would become. He probably never thought that the same team that he took the field with for the first time would be the same team that he would end his baseball career with. In honor of Jeter, we decided to check out what the Marlins were up to when he was debuting. Image

On May 29th 1995, the then Florida Marlins were winning their game against the Houston Astros at Joe Robbie Stadium. Joe Robbie would later be called Sun-Life Stadium. The Marlins won their game 9-7, and that season, they finished fourth in their division.

Let’s hope that this year, the Miami Marlins can do that well, if not better! 

As for Mr. Jeter, it has been an honor to watch you play. With a legendary career and an enormous fan base, this years’ farewell will be a sad and difficult one. We salute you Derek, and you will be truly missed on the field. Congratulations on an amazing career. Image

 -Sam Arena 

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Miami Marlins Update

So far, the Marlins haven’t been doing half bad in the Grapefruit League.  With a no-hitter against the Yankees by a combination of pitches by Brad Hand, Steve Cishek, AJ Ramos, and Arquimedes Camineros, the Marlins are beginning to resurrect themselves from last years brutal, “near death” season. Right now, the Marlins even have the lowest team ERA in spring training.

Marlins Relief Pitcher Steve Cishek Photo By: NBC Sports

Marlins Relief Pitcher Steve Cishek
Photo By: NBC Sports

Along with the no-hitter, many of the Marlins are thriving during spring training. The biggest surprise so far has come from right-handed pitcher, Tom Koehler.  He is three years older than lefty pitcher Brad Hand, who has also caught some attention, but Koehler has been unexpectedly impressive.

Right Handed Pitcher Tom Koehler Photo by: Miami Herald

Right Handed Pitcher Tom Koehler
Photo by: Miami Herald

He has only allowed one run and seven hits over 12 spring training innings, and he has had 11 strikeouts. Needless to say, Koehler will be one to watch during the season.

Another surprise has come in the form of veteran Reed Johnson. This 37-year old might be a bit more mature than most of the Marlins players, but he is holding his own amongst the fresh faced prospects.

He is batting .438 after getting five hits against the Mets two weeks ago.  Johnson will most likely be used as a pinch-hitter for the Marlins if he makes the club.

Reed Johnson is still competing at 37! Photo by: Trotman/Getty Images

Reed Johnson is still competing at 37!
Photo by: Trotman/Getty Images

We’re keeping our eyes open and are seeing some promise for this season. Let’s hope the Marlins are heading for a revival. Just keep swimming Marlins!!


Sam Arena

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Miami Marlins Outlook

Hanley Ramirez traded to the Dodgers

Hanley Ramirez traded to the Dodgers
Photo By: Tony Medina/Getty Images North America

The Miami Marlins have to just keep swimming after last year’s disappointment of a season. With a record of 62-100, a payroll cut in half and new stadium that is more of a money pit then a money maker, the Marlins were in need of an overhaul. After trading the face of the franchise, Hanley Ramirez, as well as well-know faces like Jose Reyes, many Marlins’ fans were frustrated and angry.

This year, they’re hope for a turnaround might just become a reality.

How’s the outlook for the new season? So far, it’s very promising.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez
News-Record Photo

With young bloods like 21-year old NL Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez on the mound, and 24-year-old Giancarlo Stanton at the plate, the Marlins have some hefty weaponry in their arsenal. Fernandez had 187 strike outs in 173 and 2/3 innings last year and a 2.19 ERA. Stanton was an All-Star in 2012 with 37 homeruns, a .290 batting average, and the longest home run in the MLB since 2009 at 494 feet. Last year, he was held back by a hamstring injury which means this year, he has to make up for lost time.

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton
Sports Illustrated Photo

The Marlins are feeling more confident this year and are hoping for a revival after last year’s shellacking.

Sam Arena

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Jupiter, Fla. (Marlins)

The Square Grouper Tiki Bar

The Square Grouper Tiki Bar

The Marlins are in Jupiter, but there was no need for a rocket ship. Roger Dean Stadium is only about an hour and 20 minutes from Marlins Park.

With about 55,000 people,  Jupiter, Fla., is  is the perfect spot for baseball players to train, but with seven beaches, golfing and local bars like the The Square Grouper Tiki Bar and the Thirsty Turtle, it’s easy to be distracted.

When Miami Marlins players, as well as the other players in the Grapefruit League, aren’t playing ball, they have been known to relax on the beach or sit by the pool.

When it’s time to get serious, they head over to Roger Dean and suit up for their games. The stadium seats 7,000 fans. There are suites, sky box seats and even a party deck where 30 to 300 guests can have a pre-game lunch and hang out. Some fans can revert back to the old days by bringing blankets and watching the games from the Berm seating. Any way or where you watch, this stadium is a great facility for spring training.

Berm Seating in Roger Dean Stadium

Berm Seating in Roger Dean Stadium

Roger Dean Stadium is also the only stadium in Florida that hosts two MLB teams — the Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals. There are activities and promotions that support the community and charities throughout spring training and the rest of the year. One such charity is The Cardinals/Marlins Fund, which seeks to provide financial assistance to local non-profit organizations that encourage the participation of young people in sports and other physical fitness activities. Roger Dean is a great spot to spend time with the family for spring break, and it’s bringing a little charity to America’s favorite pastime.

Sam Arena


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Sam Arena

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