Remebering Jeter’s Debut with the Marlins

When Derek Jeter made his debut as a Yankee on May 29th, 1995, no one could have predicted how extraordinary he would become. He probably never thought that the same team that he took the field with for the first time would be the same team that he would end his baseball career with. In honor of Jeter, we decided to check out what the Marlins were up to when he was debuting. Image

On May 29th 1995, the then Florida Marlins were winning their game against the Houston Astros at Joe Robbie Stadium. Joe Robbie would later be called Sun-Life Stadium. The Marlins won their game 9-7, and that season, they finished fourth in their division.

Let’s hope that this year, the Miami Marlins can do that well, if not better! 

As for Mr. Jeter, it has been an honor to watch you play. With a legendary career and an enormous fan base, this years’ farewell will be a sad and difficult one. We salute you Derek, and you will be truly missed on the field. Congratulations on an amazing career. Image

 -Sam Arena 

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Jeter Makes History, The Twins Keep Repeating it

When Derek Jeter made his first appearance on May 29, 1995, the Twins made an appearance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

word press photo

word press photo

With a game attendance of 15,081, the Minnesota Twins faced the Milwaukee Brewers at County Stadium. The Twins were victorious over the Brewers with a final score of 5-7. Fast forward 18 years to 2013, the they would relive that same victory against the Brewers yet again.

Despite the win, the Twins endured a rough season which left them last place in the decision with a 56-88 record.

The highest paid Twin in 1995 was Kevin Maas, who was ironically released by the Yankees in 1994.

1995 was a great year for Derek Jeter but not so great for the Minnesota Twins. Looking back at their previous seasons following 1995, it seems as if history has a way of repeating itself.

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Jeter’s final opening day — and his first day in the bigs

It’s Derek Jeter’s final opening day, so as the Yankee shortstop gets ready to start his final season,we take a look back at what Major League Baseball was like when Jeter played his first game in the big leagues on May 29, 1995.

Tupac Shakur was still alive, the Bills were only one season removed from their last Super Bowl appearance, and the Braves eked out a one-run victory despite an error by 23-year old third-baseman Chipper Jones. Tony Gwynn was in the lineup for the Padres, Dave Winfield was playing for the Indians and several current MLB teams were not yet in existence.

Read all the details in our posts below.

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Jeter debuts, Athletics’s drop a game to his rival

Fun fact about May 29, 1995: the Oakland A’s starting lineup featured three of Derek Jeter’s World Series winning teammates. Oh, not to mention this also happened to be day that the Yankees all-time hits leader and fan favorite, Jeter, made his major league debut. Out was the playoff-less Don Mattingly era and in was the Jeter era which saw the Yankees go on to win five World Series up to date.

To put the time frame in perspective, this was the last year Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa managed the A’s before moving to St. Louis to do the same for 15 years. Or how about this, it was one year after the Bills made their last of four Super Bowl trips, only to lose each of them. Maybe this one will do it justice, Michael Jordan returned to basketball after trying to make a career out of the sport Jeter is synonymous with.

Hard to think all of this was 19 years ago isn’t it?

During this time the MLB’s leader in steals all-time, Rickey Henderson, was featured in the starting lineup during his third stint with the A’s. This day for the A’s wasn’t anything to brag about and probably left Jeter not too happy, when the A’s dropped a game to the Red Sox 9-6.   It’s hard to think a team that featured three of Jeter’s World Series teammates, a legendary manager, and perhaps the greatest lead off man of all-time finished the season a sorrowful 67-77.

-Matt Gazzola

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Where Were the Pirates When the “Captain” Set Sail?

As I’m sure any conscious baseball fan already knows, 2014 will be legendary Yankee Derek Jeter’s final season. As sad as the MLB will be, Jeter leaves behind a legacy that current and future players can look up to– and even build on.

Bradenton Media photo

If the Pittsburgh Pirates actually had a ship, and that ship also happened to be a time machine, I’d probably snag it in the middle of the night and take myself for a joyride through time. My first destination: May 29, 1995. Sure, I would probably love to catch the Grateful Dead concert that night at Portland Meadows, but the professional reason for my trip would be to catch Derek Jeter’s first career game in the majors.

This particular night was one of rest for the Pirates. They had just finished a losing series to the Colorado Rockies, bringing their overall record to 12-16. They finished the season in last place, as was characteristic of the ball club at the time. May 29 was exactly one month after Buc’s starter Esteban Loaiza made his debut in the majors, who put up decent numbers before leaving the MLB to play in his native Mexico.

Other notables on the team included pitcher Mike Maddux (brother of four-time Cy Young winner Greg Maddux), south-paw ace Danny Neagle, and third-baseman Jeff King, who led the 1995 Pirates in home runs with a sorrowful 18. There are currently no players on the Pirates that were also on the ’95 squad.

Now in 2014, modern legend Derek Jeter will make his final Opening Day appearance– one that will see no shortage of tears. Let his statistics live on, and his charismatic, example-led inspiration live even longer. Thank you, Mr. Jeter, for proving to the world that fame and fortune do not ruin everyone.

Derek Jeter after being named Minor League Player of the Year in 1994 (NY Magazine photo)

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Jeter Debuting and San Diego Sports’ Underachieving

Sports Illustrated Photo

Sports Illustrated Photo

May 29, 1995 was Derek Jeter’s debut in the Major Leagues. Although he only played 15 games that year, it was safe to say he was in a good place because he was happy to just be in the league playing for the New York Yankees. On the day Jeter debuted the San Diego Padres defeated the New York Mets three to two with the help of Steve Finley’s dominating performance with three hits and a home run.


Sports Illustrated Photo

Sports Illustrated Photo

The city of San Diego was in a good place that year with Susan Golding as mayor, but improvement was needed for their sports. The Padres failed to make the playoffs that year with a record of 70 wins and 74 losses. Meanwhile San Diego’s football team the Chargers, finished their season with nine wins and seven losses. They did make the postseason, but they lost in the first round to the Indianapolis Colts.


Sports Illustrated Photo

Sports Illustrated Photo


Going back to the Padres, their season was disappointing not just because of their result, but because of how much talent that team had. If a team had Tony Gwynn, Steve Finley, Ken Caminiti, Brad Ausmus, Scott Livingstone and Bip Roberts in the same line up: they should be force to be reckoned with. Although they did come together and win 91 games in 1996, 1995 was a disappointing year for the Padres and San Diego sports as a whole.

— Zachary Buckwald

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The Vet Who Changed Baseball History

s090428_jeterpg-horizontalOn May 29, 1995, Derek Jeter made his first major-league debut with the Bombers in Seattle. Jeter also collected first his hit, a single off Seattle’s Tim Belcher, which started his legendary reputation. His 3,000 hits reputation didn’t begin until 1996.

The greatest season came for the Washington National’s in 1995 with pitcher Tony Tarasco, scoring 14 home runs, 40 RBI and 24 stolen bases. He was also directly involved in one of the most controversial plays in post season history. In 1995, Tarasco was a part of four-player deal which sent National’s Marquis Grissom to the Braves. The year of 1995 holds a lot of memories for this National’s vet. How amazing is it to unfold it all here! Stay tuned!tony

— Javonna Simmons

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Baseball royalty made their marks in the books photo photo

Jeter might have gone 0-5, but the Royals won 12-0.

While Derek Jeter was making his MLB debut on May 29, 1995, the Royals were making another tally in the win column.

The Royals had a victory over the Texas Rangers that day, while the Yankees fell to the Seattle Mariners in extra innings.

At that time, most of the current Royals roster was still in elementary school, and a couple of the players had probably just photo

completed potty training. Outfielder Johnny Damon was a few months away from making his MLB debut with the Royals.

Pitcher Tom Gordon got the win that day for Kansas City improving his record to 3-1, and Vince Coleman had a .301 batting average.

— Anna Ciesla


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Jeter Breaks in, Cincinnati Reds Get a Day Off

Premier Auctions Online photo

Premier Auctions Online photo

May 29, 1995 was a big day for baseball history, but not a big day in Cincinnati Red history.

The Cincinnati Reds did not have a game on Monday, May 29, 1995.

Hal Morris, starting first basemen for the Cincinnati Reds on May 29, 1995, was known for his unusual hitting technique. Morris never settled his feet while the pitcher was delivering the pitch. He did not get the opportunity to show off his technique on the day that Derek Jeter broke into the Major League because the Reds did not play. His unsettled feet would have to wait for the next day, May 30, 1995, in Pittsburg.

Shortstop Barry Larkin was elected the 1995 National League Most Valuable Player. This pivotal player for the Reds was not only apart of the team when they won the World Series in 1990, but he was also inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame years later.

J. J. Hoover, pitcher for the current Cincinnati Reds, was eight-years-old during Jeter’s debut game in 1995.

In Ohio, on May 29, 1995, there was a high temperature of 78.1 degrees. With this high of a temperature, it is beneficial that the Reds did not have a home game and that their games were in Pittsburg.


Riley Eike

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A Look Back at Jeter’s Historic Debut

With Derek Jeter beginning the end of his last season, perhaps now is the best time to take a look back. On May 29, 1995, Jeter made his MLB debut to kick off a long, successful major league career. Here we are nearly two decades later, and the world of baseball – and everything else – has changed immensely.

Robin Ventura

Robin Ventura in 1995 – courtesy of ESPN

To put that gap into perspective, I wasn’t even two years old yet. Tupac Shakur was still alive, and almost a month later Disney would release its hit film, Pocahontas. Wayne Gretzky still had a good portion of his NHL career left. The Bills were only one season removed from their last Super Bowl appearance. As far as baseball goes, Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura (who is currently Chicago’s manager) were leading the Chicago White Sox in RBIs and batting – both have been retired now for at least six years. But while so much has changed, some things haven’t; the White Sox finished that season third in the AL Central. So here’s to consistency!

Gavin Lindahl

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