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One of Baseball’s O-bleak Injuries

Matt Lindstrom

Matt Lindstrom pitching yesterday — courtesy of ESPN

As reported, Chicago White Sox pitcher Matt Lindstrom battled an oblique strain this Spring. The injury plagued him for most of the team’s Spring ball session. According to White Sox beat reporter, Lindstrom likened the pain to being, “stabbed in the side.”

Saint Bonaventure University sophomore Ryan Crino, who started playing baseball at age four, battled the same injury at the onset of his senior year of varsity baseball.

“When I had it, I felt soreness in my abs,” Crino said. “It especially hurt when I would pitch because of how you need to rotate your body when throwing.” Continue reading

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A Look Back at Jeter’s Historic Debut

With Derek Jeter beginning the end of his last season, perhaps now is the best time to take a look back. On May 29, 1995, Jeter made his MLB debut to kick off a long, successful major league career. Here we are nearly two decades later, and the world of baseball – and everything else – has changed immensely.

Robin Ventura

Robin Ventura in 1995 – courtesy of ESPN

To put that gap into perspective, I wasn’t even two years old yet. Tupac Shakur was still alive, and almost a month later Disney would release its hit film, Pocahontas. Wayne Gretzky still had a good portion of his NHL career left. The Bills were only one season removed from their last Super Bowl appearance. As far as baseball goes, Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura (who is currently Chicago’s manager) were leading the Chicago White Sox in RBIs and batting – both have been retired now for at least six years. But while so much has changed, some things haven’t; the White Sox finished that season third in the AL Central. So here’s to consistency!

Gavin Lindahl

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Lindstrom nearing return

According to White Sox beat writer Scott Merkin, pitcher Matt Lindstrom has missed about a week with a left oblique strain. The injury plagued him the first half of last week, and after feeling like someone was “shoving a knife” in his side Tuesday, Lindstrom decided to focus less on playing and more on rehab.

But according to Lindstrom, his return is nearing after playing catch and working out Monday.

“Tomorrow we’re going to go through my mechanics and actually get downhill,” Lindstrom said. “Those guys told me there’s going to be some soreness down in that rib cage area, and so I’m just kind of battling through that. So far, so good.”

Lindstrom’s return is anticipated by the White Sox as he and fellow pitcher Nate Jones are top candidates to fill in at the team’s currently empty closer spot.

Gavin Lindahl

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Chicago White Sox Outlook

Ask most White Sox writers and fans what the outlook for the upcoming season looks like, and you’ll probably get the same answer — not good. Most believe that the White Sox will finish in the cellar of the AL Central again this season, but there is some hope to be had. Realistically, for the White Sox to finish fourth again, the team would have to have some pretty overwhelming bad luck.

First basemen Jose Abreu and pitcher Chris Sale, who have recently signed contracts with the team, would have to be season-long let downs, and the team would probably have to lose some pitchers to injuries to mirror the results of last season. But the chance of all three of these factors not panning out is pretty unlikely. If anything, Abreu should be worth his big contract by making an immediate impact this season to emerge as one of the more productive first basemen in the AL. Aside from Abreu, Chicago has a decent number of other prospects who are showing signs of potential during spring training.

The White Sox, who shipped young closer Addison Reed last season, have found two decent options in Nate Jones and Matt Lindstrom to fill Reed’s gap as the team’s closer. However, both players have had some injury concerns. Jones missed a few days with a left glute strain, but is now back to work. Lindstrom, though, is currently held up with an oblique strain with no real timetable for return yet.

Gavin Lindahl

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Glendale, Ariz. (White Sox)

Glendale, Ariz. is the spring home of the Chicago White Sox who are settled in at their state-of-the-art practice facility, Camelback Ranch. Camelback Ranch, built in 2009, is the largest stadium in the Cactus League featuring 118,000 square feet of major and minor league clubhouse space, 13 full fields, and three half fields. The White Sox share Camelback Ranch with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and their respective practice spaces are separated by a lake. Camelback Ranch is situated in Glendale’s sports district, which is also home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes. Glendale, a city of over 225,000 people, is the home to several golf courses and other attractions.

Gavin Lindahl

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