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MLB Additions: A Bonnie’s View

PME Photography photo

PME Photography photo

Two by two, managers and players are getting a taste of the new replay system and the extended home plate collision rules. Fredi Gonzalez used his first challenge less than a week before opening day—and didn’t get the verdict he wanted.

According to Mark Bowman of, Andrelton Simmons was called out on a close play at first base to end the third inning. After review, umpires upheld their call.

As St. Bonaventure University’s baseball coach and an avid Cleveland Indians fan, Larry Sudbrook is torn on the new replay system. “As a coach, I would love the ability to get calls right, but this is just another delay in the game,” he said. Continue reading

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The Play at the Plate

The rumors were put to rest Feb. 24, 2014 when the Major League Baseball Association enacted the official home plate collision rule. According to Paul Hagen from, “the rule is intended to increase player safety by eliminating ‘egregious’ collisions at home plate.” So, runners cannot run out of the baseline to initiate contact with the catcher while heading home. The catcher may not block the pathway of the runner attempting to score unless he has possession of the ball. This puts all the pressure on the umpire for the call at the plate. Vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre added that “MLB has the right to issue supplemental discipline in the form of fines or suspensions for flagrant acts.”

Several St. Bonaventure baseball players commented on their thoughts regarding this new rule. Bonnie’s second baseman Tom Styn states, “this rule gets rid of the thrill. Although there’s been some injuries from collisions, it’s not often enough to change one of the most exciting plays in baseball.” Continue reading

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Here Comes The Captain

May 29, 1995 is a day that not many people will remember specifically. Looking back, this is the day a legacy began.

Derek Jeter.derek-jeters-quest-for-3000-hits-d5eff328fe160de5

On this day, the Atlanta Braves played the first game of a two game series against the Cubs in Chicago. The Braves walked away with a 2-1 win, out-hitting the Cubs by five hits. The only error charged that game was against the 23-year old Chipper Jones at third base.


The Braves continued their success to capture the World Series title in six games in 1995.

At this time, the Upton brothers resided in their home in Norfolk, Va., only 11 and eight years old.

Caitlin McClare

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The Phillies way back when

Derek Jeter

On May 29,1995, Derek Jeter began his 19-season MLB career with the New York Yankees. During this year, the Philadelphia Phillies went 69-75. The team finished third in the NL East division. Jim Fregosi was the Phillies’ manager at the time. The start of this season was seriously questioned due to all the injuries and meltdowns that happened in the previous season. Kyle Abbott, Toby Borland, Ricky Bottalico and Andy Carter were four players on the team’s roster. Kyle Abbott was one of their best pitchers.

Laura Camera

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Inter-squad Competition

As any baseball fan knows, the starting pitcher cannot always do it all himself. While Julio Teheran will open the 2014 season for the Atlanta Braves, the last spot in the rotation is still empty.

According to Braves reporter Mark Bowman, Gus Schlosser and David Hale both look good and will be provided equal opportunity to make their way into the rotation.

“Whichever of the two doesn’t gain a rotation spot will be placed in the bullpen,” says Bowman.

Hale’s advantage comes with the two starts he made for Atlanta last September. He has not stopped there, though. He has maintained a 6.62 ERA in his five starts during spring training.

On the other hand, Schlosser’s 2.03 ERA in 13 1/3 innings has caught the attention of many Braves fans this spring.

As of now, the competition is between the two right-handers, but who knows what could happen; baseball is just getting started.

Caitlin McClare

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Breaking news for New York Mets

The latest thing happening for The New York Mets is that Matt Harvey will be continuing his rehab stint in New York. He underwent Tommy John surgery recently, which involves the replacement of anarm’s torn ligament with a healthier one.

Harvey didn’t want to have to spend the whole season in Port St. Lucie, Florida, andafter some deliberation two team sourcesconfirmed that he is indeed going to finish his rehab close to his team. It is public knowledge that there was a bit of a feud with the front office about it, but Harvey ended up getting his wish.

He will work out in New York with the team, and spend some time with the team when allowed during the season.  Harvey will not go on the road at all with the Mets, but once he is ready minor league rehab will start. He will return to Florida to start upon the road to recovery on June 1st.

-Mackenzie Linehan


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Braves agree to unique fundraising opportunity

On Her Game Image

On Her Game Image

The Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation and the Atlanta Braves are teaming up again in 2014 for Cindy’s Walks for Recovery.

Fans can donate any dollar amount they wish each time a Braves batter is walked during home games. Individuals can donate as little as ten cents and corporate partners can donate as little as ten dollars.

Donations go toward therapy programs and equipment for those suffering from spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries and are not covered by insurance.

According to the Atlanta Braves’ press release, the 2013 Walks for Recovery fundraising program provided the Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation with a substantial amount of money for individuals and families.

Former cheerleader, Cindy Donald, created this foundation after a tragic accent left her paralyzed in 2005.

Caitlin McClare

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The Rays get a shave to support cancer research

On March 16, the Tampa Bay Rays shaved their heads to symbolize their support for the fight against cancer. This is an annual tradition for the Rays. Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, Matt Joyce and Joe Maddon, just to name a few, sat down to shave their heads.  All proceeds went to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Cut for A Cure.

Check out the MLB Fan Cave for more information and pictures!

H.R. Gordon

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Power outage brings Phillies game to a halt

The Philadelphia Phillies’ spring training began with a rocky start. Neither the weather nor the technology were on the Phillies’ side for their first game against the Yankees, according to Paul Hagen from A new expanded instant replay system was added in Bright House Field. The system’s reliability was tested at the game and didn’t quite give the performance everyone was hoping for. After an hour-and-half delay due to a storm, John Mayberry was up to bat for Philadelphia in the bottom of the seventh inning. He got a hit and tried for a triple. Yankees’ shortstop Yangervis Solarte threw to his third baseman making the play very close. The umpire called Mayberry out at third. According to Hagen, the Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg went onto the field immediately to challenge the call. At the same moment this play was challenged, a power surge struck the television screen used for replays. The lights in the stadium flickered on and off, and there was no recollection of Mayberry sliding into third base. The Phillies’ frustration came to a head when the call went as the umpire said because there was no proof to say otherwise. “The Phillies plan to use the same system when the season starts” said Hagen. But, there will be a back-up plan to avoid something like that happening again. The coaches and umpires will have phones/walkie-talkies to communicate as well. In the regular season, all replays are viewed by the MLB. Therefore, the will be no confusion on the field like they experienced at this game.

Laura Camera

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Miami Marlins Outlook

Hanley Ramirez traded to the Dodgers

Hanley Ramirez traded to the Dodgers
Photo By: Tony Medina/Getty Images North America

The Miami Marlins have to just keep swimming after last year’s disappointment of a season. With a record of 62-100, a payroll cut in half and new stadium that is more of a money pit then a money maker, the Marlins were in need of an overhaul. After trading the face of the franchise, Hanley Ramirez, as well as well-know faces like Jose Reyes, many Marlins’ fans were frustrated and angry.

This year, they’re hope for a turnaround might just become a reality.

How’s the outlook for the new season? So far, it’s very promising.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez
News-Record Photo

With young bloods like 21-year old NL Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez on the mound, and 24-year-old Giancarlo Stanton at the plate, the Marlins have some hefty weaponry in their arsenal. Fernandez had 187 strike outs in 173 and 2/3 innings last year and a 2.19 ERA. Stanton was an All-Star in 2012 with 37 homeruns, a .290 batting average, and the longest home run in the MLB since 2009 at 494 feet. Last year, he was held back by a hamstring injury which means this year, he has to make up for lost time.

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton
Sports Illustrated Photo

The Marlins are feeling more confident this year and are hoping for a revival after last year’s shellacking.

Sam Arena

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