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Althetes suffering from season-ending surgeries

It’s the one prognosis that any professional athlete dreads to hear during their career.

Most athletes suffer from injuries on and off the court or field, but having season-ending surgery is detrimental for any player.

Starting left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin of the Arizona Diamondbacks recently had an MRI on his left elbow, which showed a tear in his ulnar collateral ligament, the team announced Sunday, according to an article at USA

Professional athletes as well as college athletes suffer from season-ending surgeries frequently.

Ashley Zahn, a senior guard for St. Bonaventure University’s women’s basketball, has suffered from a continuous injury in her right shoulder.

For Corbin, it appears he could be headed toward season-ending Tommy John surgery. Even if he doesn’t need surgery, Corbin won’t be pitching anytime soon.

Corbin was the Diamondback’s best starter in 2013. He went 14-8 with a 3.41 ERA last year, which was the second season into his professional career. He had a positive outlook for the upcoming season.

Zahn has suffered from her shoulder injury for over five years.

“My injury first started sophomore year in high school,” Zahn said. “Since then, during my senior year of college, I’ve had a total of eight dislocations on my right shoulder and three surgeries. I torn my labrum and then kept re-tearing it.”

After each dislocation, Zahn would eventually have another surgery, which has a recovery time of six to seven months per surgery. Zahn said she was only full healthy one season during her three seasons at St. Bonaventure.

Despite the difficulties of her injury, Zahn said she learned a lot from not playing during the basketball season.

“You need incredible work ethic to get where you want to be after surgeries,” Zahn said. “I’ve always had a hard work ethic while being out to get myself back. It’s hard being out and wanting to be on the court, but you learn about the game and yourself.”

Zahn said she plans to use what she learned this season to prepare for future seasons after her recovery.

“It helps in future seasons because you have a whole year to watch,” Zahn said. “You see things you never would get to see when actually playing. You also learn a lot about yourself and how much the sport truly means to you. You can’t take a practice or game for granted because in time you will be done.”
Zahn offered advice to other athletes who suffer from serious injuries that affect their season.

“Don’t let the bad days bring you down,” Zahn said. “Always keep a positive mind on the goal ahead of you. Its so important to realize why you got surgery, so you can get back and play the sport you love.”

— Kiara Catanzaro

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Corbin’s season potentially cut short

Arizona Diamondbacks left-hand pitcher Patrick Corbin, who was scheduled to start next Saturday’s season opener, was diagnosed with a partially torn ligament in his pitching arm, according to an article Corbin, an All-Star as a rookie last year, is getting a second opinion from noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews, but could require season-ending surgery.

Aside from Corbin’s injury, the Diamondbacks are on their way to Australia to open the season.

After a spring training game on Sunday, March 16, the team boarded their plane for a 15-hour-long flight to Sydney, Australia.

Because of this trip to Australia, the Diamondbacks opened spring training early this season. When they return, the team will have many spring games before getting back to games that count.

The Diamondbacks will play an exhibition game against an Australian national squad before opening their seasons with games against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23.

Kiara Catanzaro

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