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Does being a baseball writer take the fan out of you?

Last Thursday, March 27th, I spoke with Ryan Divish, Mariners beat writer for The Seattle Times, who said that he has always been a fan of the game. Divish even played baseball for the majority of his life. However, he noted that it is difficult to remain an upbeat fan when you become a writer for the sport.

“I think you sort of lose the ability to be a fan,” said Divish when asked if it was hard to write for a team that he hasn’t always loved. He grew up in Montana, where there weren’t any major league teams. Somehow he developed into a Red Sox fan, although he admits he wasn’t diehard. Now, Divish said he tries to remain impartial when reporting on the Mariners in his daily updates for the Seattle Times.

Divish also discussed Continue reading

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Not sleepless in Seattle photo photo

On May 29, 1995, Derek Jeter played his first game for the New York Yankees.

On that day, the Seattle Mariners played the Yankees in Seattle at the Kingdome Ballpark. Almost 19,000 fans attended the Monday night game. The Mariners beat the Yankees 8-7. So, even the addition of young Jeter couldn’t help the Yankees that day.

The 1995 Mariners went on to qualify for the playoffs as a division winner and finished that year with a record 79-66, tying the California Angels for first in the AL West. Some of the players on the roster in 1995 included Luis Sojo, Tino Martinez and Alex Rodriguez, managed by Lou Piniella.

 Laura Meyers


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Brad Miller: Hidden gem?

There is no doubt that The Seattle Mariners were looking to greatly improve the team in the 2014 season. They spent millions of dollars to bring in free agents like Robinson Cano, Fernando Rodney and Corey Hart. Yet, if the Mariners are good this year, Brad Miller may have a lot to do with it, according to A tweet from a Mariners fan on March 21st even referred to Miller as “the best player that no one knows.”

So should Miller be receiving more attention and credit? The 24-year-old shortstop joined the Mariners in the 2013 season. “Miller didn’t exactly set the world on fire last season, but he showed some consistency and a nice range of offensive tools that could prove very useful,” according to However, this year he is projected to be a top-ten shortstop in the majors and may be one of the most important Ms’ on the team in years to come.

No one is denying that Cano deserves the spotlight he is receiving and will be instrumental in how the Mariners’ season plays out. But maybe, Miller will be able to step out of the shadows and share the glory.

Laura Meyers photo photo

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Happy birthday Corey Hart and Lucas Luetge!

Mariners’ players Corey Hart and Lucas Luetge celebrate their birthdays today, March 24th. Hart, outfielder and first baseman, turns 32 today while Luetge, pitcher, celebrates his 27th birthday.

Hart previously played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 2004-2013. This year he has struggle with arm soreness during Spring Training. Hart hasn’t played since Thursday because of what McClendon characterized as “a little stiffness in his forearm,” and he isn’t expected to play again until Tuesday, according to Hart also missed the 2013 season after having surgery on his knees. McClendon said that the goal is to keep him in good physical shape so that he doesn’t have to miss out even more in the furture.

Luetge has been playing with the Mariners since 2011. He had a successful game against the Oakland A’s, helping lead to a 6-4 comeback win by striking out two batters, according to

Hopefully Hart’s health with continue to improve and Luetge’s pitching success will continue as well! Happy birthday to them both.

Laura Meyers

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Mariners’ new superstar and spokesman

Kevin Long, New York Yankees hitting coach, made headlines about a month ago after publicly criticizing Robinson Cano to the New York Daily News. Long called Cano a “dog” and accused him of “jogging to first base,” according to

Although Cano declined opportunities to respond to Long’s comments, Mariners’ manager Lloyd Mc

mariners-cano-baseball photo

Clendon did have something to say. He defended Cano and insisted that he was only worried about Cano’s performance as a Mariner, not what he did in the past.

“One of the messages I’m trying to send to my players is, we don’t have to take a back seat to anybody,” McClendon said. “That includes the New York Yankees or anyone else. We’re the Seattle Mariners […] And any time anybody attacks one of my players, then I’m going to defend him, and if you don’t like it, tough shit,” said McClendon, according to

Long was offended by McClendon’s comments, but later said that he and Cano are on “good” terms after exchanging text messages.

This controversy seems to have blown over, but it is still clear that when Cano’s name is mentioned, people listen. McClendon was quick to defend his superstar, and it appears that Cano has a lot of influence on the other Ms and everyone in charge. For example, after an interview with ESPN, in which Cano mentioned he wanted to get Kendry Morales back to the Mariners, General Manager Jack Zduriencik almost immediately noted that there had been negotiations to bring the switch hitter back to Seattle, according to

So, is Robinson Cano the new superstar and spokesperson of the Mariners? It appears that ears perk up whenever he speaks up. Maybe it’s time that the team had a powerful voice.

-Laura Meyers

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Seattle Mariners Outlook

The Mariners 2013 record was 71-91, placing them fourth in the AL West and 12th in the AL. Hoping to improve their record this season, the team made some changes in the off-season, including replacing manager Eric Wedge with Lloyd McClendon. Jack Zduriencik remains the general manager, despite criticism from Wedge.

Some of the key players the Mariners acquired for the 2014 season are second baseman Robinson Cano, outfielder Corey Hart, outfielder Logan Morrison, right-handed pitcher Scott Baker and catcher John Buck.

The 10-year, $240 million contract with Cano made quite the splash for the Mariners. His addition has obviously created excitement for fans because of his overwhelming success with the Yankees and his status as a top free agent. However, one player can’t carry the team alone. Hopefully these other changes lead to a more successful season for the Mariners.

Despite these additions, there were some significant losses to the team as well. First baseman Kendry Morales, outfielder Raul Ibanez and left-handed pitchers Joe Saunders and Oliver Perez were all traded this season.

Laura Meyers

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Peoria, Ariz. (Mariners) photo photo

The Seattle Mariners are training in Peoria, Ariz., at the Peoria Sports Complex. The Mariners share this premier complex with the San Diego Padres. The complex, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, is 150 acres large. This allows each team to have six major league sized practice fields, many half fields, a 55,000 square foot clubhouse, both indoor and outdoor batting tunnels and cages and an 11,000-seat stadium.

Peoria, a town of 160,000 populates, is extremely warm and dry this time of year, with temperatures currently ranging from 80-90 degrees. However, these hot conditions do not stop visitors and players from enjoying what the suburb has to offer.

When people are not hanging out at the sports complex, there are numerous daytime activities. Peoria has many elite golf courses, including the Quintero Golf Club. Families are also able to visit the Arizona Broadway Theatre or the Rio Vista Recreation Center.

The nightlife in Peoria is not to be overlooked either. There are several fun bars, which range from Mexican themed dance clubs like Sandbar Mexican Grill to American sports bars like The Heights Sports Bar. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to spot some of the Mariners hanging out at one of these hot spots.

Laura Meyers

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